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8. Cell reproduction

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Crit.BI.2.3. Analyze the cell cycle and differentiate its phases. FCTC

Est.BI.2.3.1. Identify the phases of the cell cycle explaining the main processes that occur in each of them.

Crit.BI.2.4. Distinguish the types of cell division and develop the events that occur in each phase of them. FCTC

Est.BI.2.4.1. It recognizes in different microphotographs and diagrams the various phases of mitosis and meiosis, indicating the basic events that occur in each of them, as well as establishing the most significant analogies and differences between mitosis and meiosis.

Crit.BI.2.5. Argue the relationship of meiosis with the genetic variability of the species. FCTC

Est.BI.2.5.1. It summarizes the relationship of meiosis with sexual reproduction, increased genetic variability, and the possibility of species evolution.

BOE Access to the University. Block 2. The living cell. Cell morphology, structure and physiology


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