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9.7.1. Y-linked inheritance

Y-linked inheritance (hollandic inheritance)

The diseases linked to the Y chromosome are very rare, because the Y chromosome contains a small amount of genetic information. All genes found on the differential segment of the Y chromosome are inherited only by male children. They never appear in women because they lack the Y chromosome.

An example of this type of hollandic inheritance is atrial hypertrichosis, determined by genes of the differential segment of the Y chromosome that causes this character to pass only from parents to children, without women having hair on their ears.

In humans, genes linked to the Y chromosome are involved in the differentiation and development of the testes.

Fundamental ideas about Y-linked inheritance

If inheritance is linked to the Y chromosome, only those individuals with the Y chromosome, that is, males, will have that character. Women (XX) do not carry that character or transmit it.