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12.3. Other acellular forms

Other acellular forms

Besides viruses, there are other types of infectious acellular pathogens. Although they were initially identified as viruses, they have different characteristics. They are  viroids  and  prions.

Interactive activity:  Acellular shapes.

Questions that have come out in University entrance exams (Selectividad, EBAU, EvAU)

Castilla y León, July 2020, question 5

a) Explain the differences between viruses, viroids, and prions. Please indicate any application of viruses using genetic engineering. (1,0)
b) What types of microorganisms participate in biogeochemical cycles such as nitrogen? What kind of nutrition can bacteria present? (1.0)

La Rioja, June 2021, question 15

Explain the differences between virusesviroids, and prions. Draw a virus and label its components.