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Antibody-producing cells: B lymphocytes

The B lymphocytes are the leukocyte which depends mediated immunity antibodies with specific binding activity antigens. B lymphocytes, which constitute between 5 and 15% of all lymphocytes, give rise to plasma cells that produce antibodies.

The cells that produce the antibodies are plasma cells.

B lymphocytes are formed and differentiated in the fetal spleen, and in the red bone marrow of the adult (the "B" comes from the Latin bursa fabricii, the organ in which this type of lymphocyte develops in birds). There they acquire their ability to produce antibodiesMillions of B lymphocytes are made in the bone marrow, each of which will make a single type of specific antibody.

If an antigen appears, it binds to an antibody on the membrane of a B lymphocyte. They can only bind if there is a spatial coupling between antigen and antibody, it is a specific binding.

After recognizing the antigen, B lymphocytes are activated, dividing rapidly to form a series or clone of the same cells that produce the same type of antibody. This is the theory of clonal selection, which explains why large amounts of specific antibodies are produced when a given antigen is recognized.

Almost all activated B lymphocytes transform into large plasma cells with high antibody productionBut some lymphocytes remain as memory B lymphocytes, forming an immune reserve against future exposures to that same antigen.

The interleukins, secreted by certain T lymphocytes and by macrophages, stimulate the activation of B lymphocytes.

Lifocytes B

B lymphocytes are a type of leukocytes that are involved in the humoral immune response, mediated by antibodies that, in the presence of an antigen, differentiate to become antibody-producing plasma cells.

Questions that have come out in University entrance exams (Selectividad, EBAU, EvAU)

Aragon. June 2017, option A, question 5.

Define the following concepts related to the immune system: B lymphocytes (0.2 points)

Murcia, September 2018, option B, question 7.

The antibodies involved in the immune response.

a) Explain its chemical nature (0.5 points).

b) Indicate the cell that produces them and the type of immunity in which they intervene (0.5 pts).


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