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13.6. Immune system disorders

Questions that have come out in University entrance exams (Selectividad, EBAU, EvAU)

Aragon, June 2021, question 5

5.- The headline of an article in La Vanguardia published in 2018 said: “One in four Spaniards has some type of allergy”. Some of the following terms are mentioned in the article: (2 points)

a) Define antigen and antibody. (0.6 p)
b) Define allergy. (0.3 p)
c) Define immunodeficiency. (0.5 p)
d) Define autoimmunity and rejection. (0.6 p)

La Rioja, June 2021, question 20

Immunopathology concept. Define the following terms: autoimmunity , immunodeficiency , allergy . List three diseases related to some of the terms above.