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9.2. Healthy habits for the sense organs

Healthy habits for the sense organs

To prevent diseases that affect the sense organs, it is necessary that we have healthy habits that help us protect them:

  • Healthy habits for touch:
    • Avoid exposing skin to extreme temperatures, as cold causes insensitivity and heat can destroy skin. If it is necessary to be exposed to these temperatures, precautions must be taken by wearing gloves.
    • Avoid sunbathing excessively. If we sunbathe, we must do it with sunscreen creams and avoiding the hours of greatest radiation.

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The skin is an important defensive barrier against infections, so it is necessary to have good hygiene and have the habit of showering every day and changing underwear daily as well.

  • Healthy habits for smell:
    • The nasal mucosa heats, moistens and cleans the air, so for its proper functioning we must remove excess mucus. To do this, we will use a clean handkerchief and alternately cover one nostril and then another, without exhaling too sharply.
    • We must breathe through the nose and not through the mouth.
  • Healthy habits for taste:
    • Avoid consuming very cold or very hot foods or drinks, which can damage the taste buds.
    • Brush your teeth after meals and also clean your tongue.
    • Avoid the consumption of highly seasoned foods (spicy, salty, etc.) .
    • The alcohol and snuff decrease the sensitivity of taste buds.
  • Healthy habits for the eyes:
    • Although tears keep the eyes clean in a natural way, you should wash your eyes daily with water (without soap), when you get up, to remove the legañas produced during the night.
    • If any speck gets into the eye, they should be washed immediately and avoid rubbing it, as it could damage the conjunctiva or the cornea. If the speck doesn't go away, we'd have to go to the doctor to have it removed.
    • We should never touch the eyes with our hands or a dirty handkerchief.
    • Use a good light for reading so as not to strain your eyes, and that it comes from the left side for right-handed people and from the right side for left-handed people.
    • Avoid watching television too closely. Better, more than 1.5 meters.
    • Use sunglasses sun on sunny days.
    • Avoid places with a lot of smoke to avoid damaging the eyes.
  • Healthy habits for the ear:
    • Avoids the use of rods for ears that can push in the wax and form plugs that may damage the eardrum.
    • We will never clean the ears with a pointed object, as it could damage the eardrum.
    • Avoid places with a lot of noise or listen to music at a high volume, since hearing loss is lost.
    • We will cover our ears if a very loud sound is produced.

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