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8.2.2. Hormonal control

Hormonal control

The production of hormones is regulated by a feedback system or negative feedback, in such a way that when there is an excessive amount of a hormone, its production is inhibited.

When a stimulus, internal or external, is captured by the nervous system, a response is elaborated. If the response is chemical, the endocrine system is activated.

The hypothalamus is the nerve center that directs this response and controls all the secretions of the endocrine system. The hypothalamus secretes neurohormones that stimulate the pituitary to secrete tropic hormones, which are released into the blood until they are received by a target organ (thyroidgonads, etc.) that produces a response, such as secreting other hormones (thyroxine, hormones sexual, etc.). These hormones, in addition to performing their function in the body, are captured by the hypothalamus, which will be responsible for inhibiting their production.

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8.6.- Explain how the production of hormones in a gland such as the thyroid is controlled.


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