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Biology 2nd Baccalaureate

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Biology and Geology 3rd ESO


This document that you have here in front of you is a complement to the notes that you can download at, and that are going to be the materials that we are going to rely on during this course.

It has been preferred to leave the classic textbook for several reasons:

  • The flexibility provided by these materials is not offered by the textbook, being able to adapt more easily to the needs of the students.
  • The current economic situation complicates the acquisition of educational materials, so the cost is reduced if only the notes have to be photocopied.

For the realization of this website and the notes, only materials published under  a Creative Commons license, or free of copyright, have been used, or that it was explicitly read on its website that its use was allowed for non-commercial educational purposes, such as the case. In some of these cases, the name of the organization or company that carried it out appears.

Below each image or animation appears the bibliographical reference from which it comes. The texts are based, for the most part, on  the Biosphere Project, of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, on " Biology and Geology " of CIDEAD, Center for the Innovation and Development of Distance Education, also of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, both places published under a Creative Commons license. The bibliography of the texts appears at the end of each topic.


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