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7.4.2. The Peripheral Nervous System

Peripheral nervous system

The Peripheral Nervous System is formed by the nerves that leave or enter the Central Nervous System (encephalon and spinal cord). They connect the nerve centers with the receptor organs and the effectors.

Nerves are bundles of associated axons of neurons that transmit nerve impulses. Depending on the direction in which the nerve impulse circulates, the nerves can be:

  • Sensitive nerves. They send the information of the stimuli from the sensory receptors to the Central Nervous System.
  • Motor nerves. They send orders from the Central Nervous System to the muscles and glands, which will execute the response.
  • Mixed nerves. They have sensory and motor axons.

Sistema nervioso periféricoMedium69, Jmarchn / CC BY-SA