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2.1. Feeding and nutrition

Feeding and nutrition

The nutrition is one of the three vital functions of living beingsHumans, like the rest of heterotrophic organisms have to take the necessary elements for the development and maintenance of our and the energy necessary to carry out our vital functions from the organic matter already made by other living beings.

When we eat, we are making this contribution of matter and energy to our body. But in addition to being a necessary act for our life and a pleasure for our senses, it is also an important social act. For example, lunch or dinner is one of the times when the family can be together if work hours allow.

Human beings make this contribution of matter and energy when we eat which, in addition to being a pleasure for our senses, is also an important social act, since many of our celebrations are carried out by eating. When we celebrate birthdays, weddings, business meals, etc., we also usually do it eating.

The nutrition is the set of processes that allows organizations to use matter and energy from nutrients to perform their vital tasks.

The main functions of nutrition are:

  • Obtain energy necessary for the life of the organism.
  • Obtain material to build and repair damaged or renewed tissues.
  • Obtain regulatory substances, such as vitamins, so that chemical reactions can occur in the body.

The food is the set of processes that incorporate food into our bodies, of a conscious and voluntary.

Through nutrition, we take complex foods, composed of organic and inorganic matter, and digest them until we can extract the nutrients than our cells can use. It is an unconscious and involuntary process in which various organs and apparatus are involved.

As you can see, the concepts of food and nutrition, although related, are different. A person can be well nourished if he has eaten a lot of foods, but nevertheless, poorly nourished if those foods did not contain the necessary nutrients for the body to function. The cells must receive nutrients needed supplied by the food.

Answer in your notebook

2.1.- What is the difference between nutrition and food? Can a well-nourished person be poorly nourished?


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