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2.5.2. How to shop and cook

How to buy and how to cook

Although we all know how to buy, and more or less cook, we are going to remember some tips to keep in mind when we buy at the supermarket (in addition to looking at prices and offers) and, later, when we cook the food that we have bought.

Recommendations on how to buy

Tips to keep in mind when making the purchase:

  • Recognize the freshness of food: We have to observe the color and texture of meat, fish, vegetables and fruits to verify that they are fresh food.
  • Read the food label: Before putting the food in the shopping cart, we have to look at the expiration or best-before date. You will surely find the products with the most expiration date at the bottom of the shelf.
  • Buy food in order: First we will add all non-perishable foods (canned, packaged) to the shopping cart, then the fresh ones, and finally, the frozen ones.
  • Avoid mixing food: Separate food products from cleaning products, gardening products, etc.

Recommendations on how to cook

  • Perishable foods should be eaten as soon as possible to avoid spoiling due to their ease of contamination (mayonnaise, sauces, etc.).
  • Thawed food should not be refrozen again.
  • Vegetables should be soaked in water and washed very well before being eaten.
  • The fruit must be washed very well or peeled to remove traces of pesticides.
  • Meat and fish must be well cooked to avoid foodborne infections.
  • Canned food does not have to be bulging.


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