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2.7.1. Intensive agriculture

Intensive agriculture

The intensive agriculture is a production system that exploits the maximum the means of agricultural production. It requires the consumption of a large amount of energy (oil and derivatives) and chemical products (fertilizers).

The use of pesticides and herbicides allows for higher crop yields, but they can be harmful to the environment.

The cultivation in greenhouses can get up to several annual harvests of some types of vegetables.

Intensive agriculture problems

  • Irrigation requires a lot of water consumption, since intensive agriculture is often carried out in areas with a shortage of water.
  • The fertilizers and pesticides that are used produce contamination of the soil and water, especially groundwater.
  • Monoculture reduces the variety of species.

Campo de agricultura con perales muy juntos

Agricultura intensiva con frutales (perales) en Épila (Zaragoza).


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