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2.7.2. Intensive livestock

Intensive livestock

The intensive farming is one in which the cattle grows under controlled conditions of light, temperature and humidity, artificially created, in order to obtain high productivity in a rare period (meat, dairy, eggs, etc.) .

The animals are housed and feed mainly on enriched feed.

Cabras comiendo pienso en un establo

Intensive livestock problems

  • It requires a large investment in facilities, technologies, labor and food.
  • Compound feeds generated from agricultural and livestock remains are used.
  • Although there are many health controls, diseases can appear, such as bird flu or mad cow disease.
  • Cattle are subjected to stress conditions (continuous light, artificial fattening, etc.) to increase production.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to rearing in a semi-stabbed way, that is, part of the time in the stable and part of the pasture.
  • The high production of excrement (slurry) can contaminate the soil and water.


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