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07. The nervous system

Your evaluation will be positive if after this didactic unit you are able to ...

Crit.BG.4.9. Investigate the alterations produced by different types of addictive substances and develop proposals for prevention and control. FCTC

Est.BG.4.9.1. Detects risk situations for health related to the consumption of toxic substances and stimulants such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc., contrasts their harmful effects and proposes prevention and control measures.

Crit.BG.4.10. Recognize the consequences for the individual and for society when following risky behaviors. FCTC-CSC

Est.BG.4.10.1. Identify the consequences of following risky behaviors with drugs, for the individual and society.

Crit.BG.4.17. Recognize and differentiate the organs of the senses and the care of hearing and sight. FCTC

Crit.BG.4.18. Explain the integrative mission of the nervous system in the face of different stimuli, describe its operation. FCTC

Est.BG.4.18.1. Identify some common diseases of the nervous system, relating them to their causes, risk factors, and their prevention.

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