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2.9. Bibliography and student work

Bibliography and student work on food and health

Theme work

As you did in the previous topic, in this case you have to do a job that deals with something related to food and nutrition. It is about delving into what you are interested in or what you would like to know more about. As always, you already know that the deadline for submitting this work ends on the day of the exam.

For this specific topic, you have the option of doing the typical work of each topic or of doing other work that is based on the diet you do and on which we have already done some exercise.

Options for the work of this topic:

  • Option A: A job like the one in topic 1 and following, delve into something that is of interest to you.
  • Option B: Draw a series of conclusions from the diet you have been doing these days. Remember that the amounts in grams of each food are approximate, as well as the calculations, but they will give us a lot of data to draw conclusions and improve our health.
    • 1st conclusion: Difference between the amount of energy you use and the amount you take in.
      • Calculate the energy expenditure of a balanced day in terms of activity with the energy calculator.
      • Calculate the energy intake for two days and take the average, so that the data is more reliable. (Use the data from the notes: 1g of lipids provide 9 kcal, 1g of carbohydrates, 4kcal).
    • 2nd conclusion: Do you think your diet is balanced? In a balanced diet, 60% of the nutrients should be carbohydrates, 17% protein and 23% fat.
    • 3rd conclusion: Compare your weekly diet with the servings of the different foods that are recommended in the Food Pyramid. How could you improve it?
    • 4th conclusion: Compare the recommended daily water intake and yours.
    • 5th conclusion: Daily fiber intake is very important. Do you think your fiber intake is enough?
    • 6th conclusion: How much energy does the food you eat between meals give you?
    • 7th conclusion: There are a number of undesirable foods due to their high content in trans fats and / or due to their amount of colorants, preservatives, ... Calculate the foods of this type that you eat per week and paste the table with the nutritional information of one of them. Write what you think about this.
    • 8th conclusion: Calculate the amount of liquid, apart from water, that you drink per week. (Coca-Cola, packed juices, alcoholic beverages ...) Calculate the amount of glucose that these non-water beverages give you.
    • FINAL CONCLUSION: Are you happy with your weekly diet? Can you improve it? (Add ..., avoid ...) What are you going to do to get it? (Not only for what you eat, also consider your daily activity).

I attach the video again so that you remember how the works are uploaded to the blog (from minute 6 approximately).


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