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12.1.2. Health determinants

Health determinants

The health is not merely the absence of disease, it is necessary to complete this state with a desirable physical, mental and emotional. The health status of a population depends on various factors that can be grouped into:


The quality of the environment in which the person lives also influences their health. Physical, chemical, biological contaminants, etc., can cause disease.


  • Psychological factors: Having a stressed life, along with other destabilizing factors, can lead to mental illnesses and depression that seriously affect our lives.
  • Nutrition has to take a regular and balanced diet.
  • Avoid substances that are harmful to physical and mental health, both legal drugs (alcoholtobacco) and illegal drugs (hashishcocaine, heroin, etc.).
  • Practice some physical exercise.
  • Follow a regular schedule, with enough hours for rest.
  • Have daily personal hygiene.

Biological characteristics of the person

They are the genetic characteristics that make a person have a greater predisposition than others to suffer a certain disease.

The healthcare system

Effective healthcare is essential for health. In addition, the health authorities have to be in charge of the sanitary control of food, manage urban waste, and the sanitary control of animals to prevent them from transmitting diseases.

Unhealthy habits

Bad habits in our life, such as drug use, can lead us to suffer from some diseases.

The drug is any substance that, introduced into the body, affects the nervous system and produces changes in the behavior of a person. Some drugs are positive, such as those used in medicine, but others are negative, and can even lead to drug addiction.

Alcohol, tobacco, some drugs (barbituratesamphetamines, narcotic analgesics) and other psychotropic substances (cannabisheroincocainesynthetic drugs,…) can affect our lives physically, psychologically and socially. They can cause diseases, but also trigger psychological problems and affect our social relationships, in addition to other indirect problems, such as:

  • Greater risk of traffic and work accidents.
  • Absenteeism and decreased performance cause work problems.
  • Increased risk of infectious diseases.
  • Family and friend problems.

El consumo de alcohol es un mal hábito que perjudica nuestra salud

Alcohol consumption is a bad habit that harms our health

Answer in your notebook

12.2.- Why do you think the advertising of high-strength alcoholic beverages and tobacco is prohibited?


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