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1.7.5. Precession and nutation

Precession and nutation: other movements of the Earth

In addition to the rotational movement  by which the Earth rotates on itself and the translation movement, by which it revolves around the Sun, the Earth also has other movements: precession  and nutation.

Precession motion

The precession movement is produced by the circular movement of the axis of rotation of the Earth, which is tilted and rotates like a top that moves at an angle and its upper end moves in circles, but taking almost 26,000 years to complete the turn.

Nutation movement

The nutation is a nod to the axis of the Earth around its mean position caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun.

This oscillation has a period of 18.6 years.

Rotación, precesión y nutación.
By Caliver [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons