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5.1. Origin of water on Earth

How was water formed?

As we have already seen, the origin of the Earth and that of the atmosphere were related, just as with the origin of the hydrosphere.

About 4.5 billion years ago, the Earth was formed from rocky fragments (planetesimals) that revolved around the Sun, colliding and joining and melting. The temperature of the Earth was very high, with many meteorite impacts and volcanic eruptions that expelled water vapor, among other substances, into the atmosphere.

When the Earth cooled, the water vapor in the atmosphere condensed and the first rains that would give rise to the oceans were produced, giving rise to the hydrosphere.

Earth is not the only planet in the Solar System on which the presence of water has been detected. The presence of water vapor on Venus and ice on Mars, the planets closest to Earth, have also been confirmed.

Water exists on Earth for two reasons: