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1.7.3. The tides

The tides

The tides are periodic variations that occur at the level of the sea produced by the gravitational pull of the Moon and, to a lesser extent, of the sun.

Although these gravitational attractions are exerted on the hydrosphere above all, they also do so on the geosphere and on the atmosphere, although they are not so relevant.

The tides are manifested in the coastal areas as a rise and a fall in the level of the sea. Thus, it is distinguished:

  • High tide or high tide, is the time when the sea reaches its peak in the tidal cycle.
  • Low tide or low tide, is the time when the sea reached its lowest level in the tidal cycle.

When the MoonEarth, and Sun are aligned, the tides are higher and are called spring tides. On the other hand, when the Moon and the Sun are forming an angle with respect to the Earth, the tides are smaller, since their actions are counteracted, and are called neap tides.