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10.6. Importance of plants

Importance of plants

Plants are important for many reasons:

Ecological importance

Plants are essential in terrestrial ecosystems because they are the base of the food chain. They are responsible for providing organic matter and oxygen to autotrophic beings. They also protect the soil from erosion and desertification.

Food importance

In addition to serving as food for animals, plants are essential in our diet. Cereals, fruits, vegetables are the base of the food chain.

Medicinal importance

Plants can cure or prevent diseases either by taking them directly or through medicines that are produced from them.

Forest importance

Wood from forest trees can be used as raw material in the wood or paper industry.

Ornamental importance

Plants make our environment more pleasant. That is why the streets of our towns, cities, or the patio of our institute, have plants that improve our environment.

Importance as a natural resource

Plants are the basis of very diverse ecosystems that it is necessary to try to conserve them for their beauty or for the singularity of the plants that compose them.

Bosque de laurisilva en La Gomera

Laurisilva forest in La Gomera  (Canary Islands).