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10.5. Vital functions of plants

Vital functions of plants

Plants, like all living things, have three vital functions:

Las plantas, como el resto de seres vivos, se nutren, se relacionan y se reproducen

Nutrition function

Plants are autotrophs, through photosynthesis they  make their own organic matter from inorganic matter (watermineral salts and CO2) and solar energy. Also, like other living beings, they need to breathe, so they also require oxygen. Similarly, they also need to expel waste substances.

Relationship function

Although plants cannot move or have the sense organs that animals have, they also react to stimuli from the environment, such as light, humidity, etc.

Reproduction function

As we have seen, most plants have flowers, where the seeds are formed, which will germinate and give rise to new plants. Others, such as mosses and ferns, reproduce by means of spores.