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8.2. Components of the ecosystem: community and biotope

Ecosystem components

We have already seen that an ecosystem is the set formed by the physical environment (abiotic components, the biotope), by the organisms that live in it (biotic components, the biocenosis or community), and by the relationships that are established between all its components. and the environment in which they live.

For example, the lake is a more or less transparent freshwater aquatic ecosystem, in which algae, aquatic plants, insects, worms, etc. live. The steppe is another ecosystem characterized by developing on poor and arid soils, in which plants and animals adapted to this environment live, such as thyme, rosemary, hare, lizards, etc.

El ecosistema está formado por el biotopo y la biocenosis

Tomado de José Alberto Bermúdez bajo Licencia Creative Commons Atribución 4.0 Internacional.

We will describe the components of the ecosystem below:

Interactive activity: Operation of the "hive" system .

Game: Space eco-voyage .


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