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8.11. Biogeochemical cycles

Biogeochemical cycles

As we have seen when talking about the cycle of matter, it circulates from the abiotic environment to living beings and vice versa. Substances used by living beings are reused but, there may be long periods of time that remain inaccessible to living beings because they are in the abiotic environment.
The matter existing on the planet is constant, but it changes over time, being able to form part of inorganic compounds and pass to other organic ones. The chemical elements that are part of the molecules of living beings are the same since the Earth originated. In addition to passing through living beings, they pass through the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the soil, minerals, etc., constituting a cycle.
Autotrophic organisms transform inorganic matter into organic matter, and decomposers are responsible for converting organic matter into inorganic, closing the cycle and allowing inorganic compounds to be used again by producers.
The bioelementos are the chemical elements forming part of living matter. Some of the main biogeochemical cycles are:

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