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4.6.3. The human being

Evolutionary characteristics of the human being ( Homo sapiens sapiens )

Modern humans (Homo sapiens sapiens ) evolved from Homo sapiens in the Middle Palaeolithic, about 200,000 years ago.
Homo sapiens sapiens shares characteristics with the rest of Primates, but has other characteristics that differentiate it:
  • They are bipedal, they walk completely upright.
  • They use their lower extremities to move around and their upper extremities to manipulate objects.
  • The hands have an opposable thumb that allows them to manipulate objects.
  • They have two eyes in the front, which allows them to have a stereoscopic vision by integrating the two images into one and being able to see in three dimensions, appreciating reliefs and shapes.
  • They have smaller jaw and teeth than other hominids.
  • His cranial capacity allows him to have developed a brain with great cognitive capacity.
  • It communicates through language with the speaking organs.


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