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Codominant inheritance. Blood groups AB0. (Page 25)

Genetics problem 179

A couple can have only heterozygous blood group B or group 0 offspring. Please indicate the genotype and phenotype of the couple. Explain what is the probability in that couple of having descendants of blood group 0 and what is the probability of having descendants of group B. Give reasons for the answers.

Genetics problem 180

In a famous paternity court dispute in the 1940s, when DNA-related techniques did not yet exist, a claim was brought against C. Chaplin, whose blood group was 0, while the child was group B and the mother of group A.

a) How would you have decided if you had been the judge? Give reasons for the answer.

b) State the possible genotypes of the defendant and the mother.

c) What is the child's genotype?

Genetics problem 181

A man of blood group A and a woman of group B have five children together, one of whom has blood group AB, two are group A, and two are group 0. Indicate the genotype of the whole family.

Genetics problem 182

A woman with blood group A had a child with type AB blood and another with type 0 blood. What is the possible genotype of the parents? And that of the children?

Genetics problem 183

A husband accuses his wife of infidelity and asks for custody of his first two children, while rejecting the third, claiming that it is not his. The first child is from blood group 0, the second from group B, and the third from group AB. The husband is from blood group 0, and the wife is from group B. Do you think the man's accusation is founded?

Genetics problem 184

What are the possible genotypes of the descendants of a couple formed by a heterozygous individual from blood group A and another from group AB? In what proportion will each of these genotypes occur? And what will the phenotypes be and in what proportion will they occur? Reason for the answers by making the necessary crosses.

Genetics problem 185

In a couple, one of the members is of blood group AB and Rh factor negative, and the other is of group A and Rh factor positive, one of the parents of the latter being group 0 and Rh factor negative. It indicates the genotypes of the couple, the gametes produced by each one, and the phenotypic frequency of the offspring. Reason for the answers by representing the diagrams of the possible crossovers.

Genetics problem 186

Three premature babies have been born in a hospital. Due to an outbreak of fire, the incubators were transferred to another area of ​​the hospital, losing their identification. Taking into account that the blood groups of the three pairs of parents and of the newborns are those indicated in the attached tables, indicate which child corresponds to each pair. Reason the answers representing the patterns of the possible crosses (use the following notation to represent the alleles: allele A: IA , allele B: IB, allele 0:i)

Partner  Blood type
1 A x 0
2 AB x 0
3 A x AB

Newly born Blood type
Manuel B
Miguel AB
Antonio 0

Genetics problem 187

Is it possible for a woman with blood group 0 Rh positive (Rh+) and a man AB Rh negative (Rh-) to have a child with blood group A Rh negative? Reason for the answer.

Genetics problem 188

What genotypes and phenotypes can the offspring of a father of blood group A and a mother of blood group B have who have had a child of blood group 0?