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More problems of genetic inheritance of a character. (Page 8)

Genetics problem 56

Although the one normally sold in the Region is not grown there, the authentic Padrón pepper (Capsicum annuum), originally from the lands of that city in the province of A Coruña, can be spicy or not spicy. This characteristic depends on a gene whose spicy allele (P) is dominant over the non-spicy one (p). In one experiment, two plants were crossed. The F1 was all of hot peppers and in the F2 32 plants of hot peppers and 10 of non-hot peppers were obtained.

a) What is the genotype and phenotype of each of the two original plants? Reason for the answer. (0.75 points)
b) What is the most probable genotype of F1? Reason for the answer. (0.5 points)
c) In F2, how many hot plants are expected to be homozygous and how many heterozygous? Reason for the answer. (0.75 points)

Genetics problem 57

In humans, a certain disease is monogenic, autosomal, and recessive. A man who suffers from the disease, but his parents do not, has two daughters with a woman who does not suffer from the disease just as neither do his parents. One of the daughters does suffer from the disease and the other does not. Indicates the genotype of the grandparents, fathers and daughters. Give reasons for your answer.

Genetics problem 58

In the human species, being able to roll the tongue in a tube shape depends on a dominant gene (L); the gene that determines not being able to do it (straight tongue) is recessive (l). Knowing that Juan cannot roll his tongue and that Ana can, what are the chances that Juan and Ana's son will be able to roll his tongue? Make a diagram of the possible crosses, indicating all the possible genotypes.


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